Saturday, 24 April 2010

....and then there was light!

The BusWorks electrician has wasted no time this week fitting the 2 x 12v batteries for the low voltage equipment, wiring up the bells and the lower deck interior lighting. On Saturday 24th April, 143 finally came back to life with fully functional interior lighting and bells.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Spotlight on 143

Thanks to our friends at the National Tramway Museum, 143 now has a pair of matching headlamps. These will be refurbished for use on 143 but it is proposed to fit some discreet halogen headlamps in addition to conform to Blackpool Transport's request. Meanwhile, the low voltage interior lighting and bells have been wired up, along with 2 x 12v batteries and a 24v isolator switch.

Upper deck assembly starts

Upper deck assembly has started and Gilletts have fitted the internal partitions that look absolutely superb. Meanwhile, the regular team of volunteers have started assembling the upper deck swingover seats.